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Malt-O-Meal cereal beer Ahoy Mateys in glass

Post Donates Cereal to Local Minnesota Brewery for Malt-O-Meal-Inspired Beer

The Post manufacturing team in Northfield Minnesota donated 100 lbs. of Malt-O-Meal® Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys® cereal to the local Tanzenwald Brewing Company.

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Front view of Niagara Falls Ontario Plant

Post Is Filling Cereal Bowls, Not Landfills

Post Canada in Niagara Falls marks five years as a zero-food waste to landfill facility, as a part of our commitment to sustainability and help end world hunger.

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Cereal transportation process

The Transportation Process Behind Post Cereals and Products

The journey behind Post® cereals from our kitchen to your cereal bowl is shorter than you think! Discover the transportation process behind our cereals and products.

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Manufacturing safety practices at Post Consumer Brands

Keeping Post® Cereal Fans and Employees Safe Through Manufacturing Standards

Our Post® team follows three key steps to ensure customers and the people behind your favorite breakfast cereals are safe – from the moment our cereals are made to your first bite.

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Understanding the Post® Cereal Cooking Process

See our Post® cereal cooking process in action – from mixing the ingredients together in a kettle to adding granola, fruit and more.

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Stuff the van cereal donations to non-profits in 2020

5 ways Post Consumer Brands’ plants and offices are making a local impact for the holidays

Teams at our manufacturing facilities and offices in the U.S. and Canada are making better happen in their communities during the holiday season with food drives, donations, and more.

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Post Holdings Issues 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Learn about Post’s sustainability accomplishments, commitments to DEI, employee safety, and more in Post Holdings’ 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.

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Sourcing Post cereal ingredients

How We Source Your Favorite Post Cereal Ingredients

Discover the story behind how we source and transport your favorite Post® cereal ingredients.

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Post's eco-friendly cereal packaging process

The Process Behind Our Eco-Friendly Cereal Packaging

2 million pounds of packaging material use down, and many more to go! Get an inside look at how we’re working towards increasingly eco-friendly cereal packaging.

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