Helping to make better happen in the food industry

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, fighting hunger, and more

You may know us best for the cereal we make, but we feel like our role in the world is a whole lot bigger.

As the third-largest cereal company in the United States, we believe it’s our responsibility to help make the world a better place. We’re committed to investing in several CSR initiatives that reduce our environmental impact and create positive social change for people and our local communities.

Our Commitments


Empowering People

People – employees, customers and consumers – are at the core of everything we do. We are driven to keep them safe, inspired and empowered by adhering to strict safety protocol, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training, and more.

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Strengthening Communities

We take pride in our local communities, and we support them by giving back through food donations, fundraisers, volunteering, and more.

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Protecting Our Natural Resources

At Post Consumer Brands, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint through sustainable initiatives in our workplace, in the products we make and in the way we operate.

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How We Do Business

We hold ourselves accountable for ethical and safe business practices and how we interact with our key stakeholders. Our code of conduct guides our employees at every level of the company, ensuring that we act with integrity, honesty and respect for others.

Empowering employees, consumers, and customers

For employees, we strive to create a welcoming and diverse corporate culture that values the unique things each person brings to work every day and allows them to achieve their full potential.

For consumers and customers, we continuously innovate and evolve to ensure that our food products are safe, and meet people’s expectations for taste, value and sustainability.

Our experience shows that if we do right by people, our own success will follow.

Making a positive impact through charitable support

We support hundreds of events and organizations like Feeding America in the communities where we live and work every year. Giving back to support hunger relief by donating more than 45 million bowls of cereal in 2021, community and people empowerment, education, and the environment is one of our proudest traditions. Our employees also spend countless hours volunteering in their local communities and making better happen every day.

Charitable community partners

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Post Consumer Brands Ingredients for Good Volunteer Program logo

Post's commitment to corporate social responsibility in action

Post Consumer Brands Plant in Asheboro North Carolina

Post Consumer Brands Offers Apprenticeship Programs to Build Skilled Trades

Post teams and leaders see value in developing employees and partnering to offer trades apprenticeship programs.

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Lucy Westlake, youngest American woman to climb Mount Everest

Grape-Nuts Cereal Awards Nine Fearless Female Explorers

As part of Grape-Nuts cereal’s 125th anniversary, the brand set out to champion many of the amazing female explorers who are boldly exploring the limits of the planet and blazing new trails along the way.

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Post Consumer Brands employees volunteering for Ingredients for Good program

Post Consumer Brands Donates 30,000 Meals Through Its ‘Ingredients for Good’ Volunteer Initiative

Post Consumer Brands believes it has a responsibility to help those facing food insecurity, which is why the company launched a new companywide volunteer initiative called “Ingredients for Good” during April’s National Volunteer Month.

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