our responsibility

As a food company, we naturally think about the world around us. Our cereal ingredients come from fields and farms. We rely on energy to keep our plants humming. And the towns and communities where our employees live and work depend on us to be there for them, as much as they’re here for us. We may not be able to solve every problem in the world, but we think it’s our responsibility to help make the world better.


Safety is our No. 1 priority. Nothing is worth making if the people who make it aren’t safe. We offer great benefits, including wellness programs to help our employees and their families stay healthy.


Our new combined company has a long legacy of community support. That legacy lives on through donations of cash, product and employee volunteer time to nonprofit and civic organizations.

Conducting Business With Integrity

We keep an eye on what consumers care about. We use quality ingredients from reputable suppliers, and provide a broad arrary of brand choices based on specific consumer wants and needs. We always encourage external stakeholders to have a dialogue with Post Consumer Brands via this website.

Environmental Sustainability


Through our association with the Sustainability Consortium ®, we’re learning even more about how our work to improve sustainability metrics can also improve the bottom line. By eliminating the box, we create 75% less packaging waste with our Malt-O-Meal brand bag cereals. We buy wind energy credits to offset power usage, and we have programs to reduce waste, water, fuel and energy usage, and lower our carbon emissions.

Renewable Energy

Since 2008, we’ve purchased Green-e® certified renewable energy credits to offset 100% of the electricity used to produce many of our products including our Mom’s Best® and Sally’s® brand cereals. We are participating in a study facilitated by Energy Star to analyze energy usage and best practices across the breakfast cereal category. This partnership will assist our organization in continuous improvement efforts to further reduce energy use.

Smartway Shipper Program

U.S. EPA SmartWay® Transport Partnership. The SmartWay® Transport Partnership is an innovative program that recognizes partners for setting and achieving greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals in freight transport. We’ve participated since 2010.

Carbon Disclosure Program

We participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project along with thousands of businesses and organizations around the world. CDP is an independent not-for-profit organization holding the largest database of primary corporate climate change information in the world.


We’ve partnered with TerraCycle since 2009, rewarding school groups and non-profits for recycling their empty cereal bags by sending them to TerraCycle. This is the first recycling program in the United States to offer consumers public drop-off locations to recycle their cereal packaging. Over 9000 groups participate in this program, and they’ve recycled close to two million cereal bags. TerraCycle finds partners who repurpose used bags as well as outdated packaging material we send from our production facilities. Our TerraCycle partnership is the best end-of-life solution we’ve found for plastic packaging.