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Find your perfect. Your ultimate. Your most cerealriffic cereal here.

Our Story

We aren’t just cereal. We’re beyond cereal. The original. The ultimate. The best thing that’s happened to cereal since cereal.

In his quest for the ideal bowl of cereal to delight his daughter, Post employee Vernon J. Herzing created the perfect blend of granola bunches, crunchy flakes, and honey. And thus, in 1989, the most cerealriffic cereal was born.

Honey Bunches of Oats has just the right amount of crunch, flavor, and the nutrition you need to nourish every smile. With 12 different flavors to choose from, there are endless ways to fill up with long-lasting energy to keep you moving all day.

We aren’t just breakfast. We are lunch, dinner and dessert, too. We are the cereal fathers enjoy with their daughters and grandmothers can feel good about serving to their grandsons. The best all-night study buddy. And the member of your squad you can always count on.

The always-on-the-go, just-ate-the-whole-box snack. A multiplicity of tastes, texture and awesomeness. We aren’t just one thing.


Looking for some new ways to enjoy the tasty crunch of Honey Bunches of Oats any time of the day?

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  • Blueberry-Strawberry Breakfast Shortcake
  • Bombay Mix
  • “Fried” Ice Cream with Cinnamon-Chocolate Sauce

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