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StoryAugust 22, 2022

Growing & Advancing Your Career at Post Consumer Brands

Post Cobourg employees

Finding a career that supports personal and professional career growth long term can be tough. At Post Consumer Brands®, we prioritize career advancement and continued growth in the CPG food industry by empowering one another to develop our skillsets, discover new interests, and even try a different role within the company.

From manufacturing to product marketing, Post® has exciting career opportunities for everyone!

Climbing the ‘corporate ladder’ to success at Post doesn’t mean having to jump from one company to the next to get the experience you’re searching for. Our average tenure is over 10 years, which is more than two times the manufacturing industry average!

Wondering how we make internal career growth happen? Hear from our employees about our various educational programs and their diverse experiences with the company:

Krista Mehren, VP of Research and Development

Krista spent over 20 years at the Battle Creek facility and now serves as Post’s VP of Research and Development.

“I’ve had the ability to grow. Each time I question myself and ask ‘what comes next at Post? What more can I do?’ There’s always a next opportunity. Post does a good job at recognizing talent that helps set the company apart. You don’t get pigeonholed into a role. If you’re interested in making a cross-functional move, that opportunity is there,” says Krista.

Mike Porter, Director, Malt-O-Meal® & Value

Mike has been at Post for 13 years, originally starting as an intern. His high energy, goal-oriented mindset allowed him to work his way up to a director-level position.

In the video, Mike states, “Post has allowed me to maximize that goal-oriented mindset. People are here to win, and Post allows you to do so.”

Mahlia Matsch, Sr., Manager, Talent Manager, Org. Effectiveness

Mahlia loves Post’s fantastic culture that embraces people of all backgrounds, experiences, and encourages employee growth and development.

“Our average tenure of 11 years is reflective of the relationships and partnerships our employees build with one another and the sense of community that extends across all of our locations,” says Mahlia.

Justin Miller, Mechanical Maintenance Technician

Justin has been at Post 14.5 years, starting at a warehouse as a dispatch. He then had the opportunity to join Post’s Apprentice program. This program is setup to help people in the production area further their career. It covers all the fields: advanced manufacturing, maintenance, electrical, pipefitting, robotics, programmable logic control, mechanics.

Justin states that “there’s a million square feet of machinery here, so there’s no same day.”

Candice Bigjohn, Quality Food Safety Manager

Candice has been at Post for 19 years. She started working at Post because her mom worked here, too. She started as summer help on the lines, changed her undergraduate major to food science and was hired in the lab full time.

She was lucky to have Post help pay for her undergraduate degree. Post leadership also supported her in getting her master’s degree as well.

Jennie Redfield, Materials Manager

Jennie has been at Post for 31 years. She has numerous relatives that have all worked here as well!

Henry Albers, Sr., Manufacturing Manager

Henry just celebrated his 30th anniversary at Post. The culture he has experienced since walking into the plant as a 20-year-old and the empowerment from others is what he would like to continue seeing.

There’s nothing more motivating than a team of great people that support one another with endless learning and career growth opportunities in an exciting, hunger-driven industry – the CPG food industry!

From getting to make iconic and innovative cereals in our plants, to building successful brands, Post employees learn and grow while simultaneously growing our company.

We’d love for you to join our cereal-loving, supportive family! Check out our open career opportunities on our Careers Portal.