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StoryAugust 3, 2022

Post Internships: Where Young Professionals Kick-start Long-term Careers in CPG

Former Post Cereal Interns standing in a giant cereal bowl

Through Post Consumer Brands®’ Internship Program, we empower young professionals with projects that have a real impact on the company, food industry and your favorite breakfast CPG brands. Our internships span a variety of careers, including marketing, product development, food science, engineering and beyond!

Internal career opportunities don’t stop at the end of the internship program. Over 75% of our 2021 interns are continuing their careers at Post full time, post-graduation. Career and professional development are top priorities for our company, which is why we encourage our employees to pursue further education, certifications, apprenticeships and more.

Hear from former interns working with Post full time about their experiences with career growth and leadership:

Mike Porter, Director, Malt-O-Meal®

Mike started at Post as an intern in summer 2009 at our Northfield Distribution Center and is still with the company today. His experiences showed him that this was a place he could be happy at, long term.

Lily Langan, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Lily feels that for a lot of people, internships used to be seen as ‘summer help’ rather than a career development experience. Now, we have people who come in and want to learn more about the field they’re in and want the chance to grow within a company rather than job-hopping to get the experience they desire.

Sydney Wyffels, Product Developer 

Sydney was really excited to come right out of college and felt like her project work was meaningful and impactful. She was given the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects right off the bat.

“Whenever I go to the grocery store, I will walk down the grocery aisle specifically to look at all the products and even see the ones that my co-workers work on. It’s just fun to see all the things that I helped to develop.”

Justin Miller, Mechanical Maintenance Technician

According to Justin, Post leadership values knowledge. They want you to take advantage of their career development programs and make sure you have the tools you need to do your job. The “Friends” program is set up to help people in the production area and further their career. It sends employees to school and prepares them for working in the field.

Dawda S. Njie, Financial Analyst

For Dawda, “it feels like you’re very much empowered here at Post and your opinions are very much taken into consideration.” He appreciates that leadership takes steps to ensure that you know their teams are developing within their roles and they’re able to meet their own personal goals.

According to former interns, Post continues to feed them with opportunities and give them the chance to fail in a positive way. They’re able to see people who started here as interns moving into roles right out of college and then moving up to manager roles to director level roles. If you have the drive to grow in your career, there is a lot of opportunity.

Whether you’re looking for an internship guaranteed to help you grow within your desired career path or have been in the workforce for a while and are looking for a new opportunity to grow within a food CPG company, you’re in the right place. View our careers portal to find job openings that interest you.