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Honeycomb® cereal

Since 1965, Honeycomb has lived as a classic Post cereal. Its unique shape, sweet crunch, and catchy jingle have made it a breakfast favorite for nearly half a century!

Honeycomb cereal is proud to stand out from the crowd of other cereals, a playful cereal that lets you be YOU!

Honeycomb cereal adds a deliciously sweet crunch to a variety of snack recipes. Try out our most popular recipes:
Crunchy Cereal Squares
Monkey Munch
Tropical Caramel Honeycomb Party Mix

What's all the buzz about? Check out the newest Honeycomb cereal commercials featuring Terry Crews:
Bee Talk

Honeycomb Cereal Box

Honeycomb® Original cereal

Honeycomb Big Bites Original bag

Honeycomb® Big Bites Original cereal

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