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StoryJuly 20, 2022

Post Consumer Brands Battle Creek Plant Provides $130,000 in Grants to Non-Profits

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Earlier this summer, our Battle Creek, Michigan plant held their annual Grant Committee meeting. In total, 16 local non-profits who provide services to the Battle Creek community were invited to present formal donation requests to Post Consumer Brands to help fund projects or assist in achieving their missions.

Each spring, employees of the Battle Creek plant volunteer on the grant committee. “On average we have about a dozen employees, representing a variety of positions, that volunteer to serve on the committee,” said Heather Pontius, Senior Administrative Assistant at the Battle Creek Plant, and current committee chair, a position she has held since 2015.

“As a committee, we review the grant application each year to make sure that it is consistent and reflective of the mission and values of Post,” said Heather. “Applications are then emailed to organizations who presented last year if they remain in good standing as a 501(c)3.” Employees and organizations within the community can also submit recommendations for other organizations that may not have been considered in the past.

Organizations who receive the application have approximately six weeks to complete it ahead of the deadline. Once applications are reviewed, the organization receives an invitation to make a formal presentation to the committee.

“Each non-profit has a 20-minute presentation time slot assigned to them,” said Heather. “The first 10 minutes are set aside for them to present, while the additional 10 minutes are used for additional questions to be asked by the grant committee.”

The presentations were held at Silver Star Apartments, which serves as affordable housing for veterans who have previously suffered homelessness. Silver Star provides additional services through the veteran administration hospital located near the complex, in addition to other services like an onsite food pantry, and community garden.

Once the presentations are completed, the committee deliberates on the amount of funds to be allocated to each organization. Below is the list of organizations who presented, and the amount of funds they received.

Non-Profit Organization Donations:

“We have built long standing relationships with many community organizations, including those who have received donations in the past but may no longer qualify for the specific grant program,” said Heather. “We support organizations not just through monetary donations, but also through helping with awareness campaigns, collective drives, and volunteering.”

The funds provided this year, totaling $130,000, are distributed through the Post Foundation of Battle Creek (PFBC). Established in 2011, the Foundation aims to receive and administer funds to be used for charitable, scientific, literary, and educational purposes and organizations in the greater Battle Creek community to continue the legacy of C.W. Post. For more information visit the Post Foundation website.