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Disney100 Cereal

For 100 years, Disney has unlocked a special kind of wonder in our lives. And now, you can unlock an enchanted morning for yourself, starting with a bowl of Disney breakfast cereal!

Celebrate Disney's 100th Anniversary every morning with Disney Confetti Cake cereal, a tasty birthday cake-flavored cereal with confetti sprinkles (party hats encouraged!). Or enjoy a big bowl of Disney Fruity Mickey cereal – made with fruity-flavored cereal pieces shaped like the one and only Disney Mickey Mouse!

Disney100 Confetti Cake Cereal Box

Disney100 Confetti Cake Cereal

This birthday cake flavored breakfast cereal features edible confetti sprinkles for tasty fun in every spoonful. Pour a bowl of this birthday cake flavored cereal as part of a great breakfast.
Disney100 Fruity Mickey Cereal Box

Disney100 Fruity Mickey Cereal

This special shaped cereal is a delicious fruity flavored cereal for tasty fun. Pour a bowl of this fruity flavored cereal as part of a great breakfast or tasty snack.

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