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Post® Shredded Wheat cereal

Post Shredded Wheat cereal varieties are wholesome, high-fiber shredded biscuits made from whole-grain wheat. It's a breakfast option with a familiar taste you know and love.

We were born to play. We were born to move. We were born to laugh and to seek adventures both big and small. We were born to live a full, flavorful life. We were Born to Shred. Starting your day with our beloved wheat cereal will help you live your best life.

Post Shredded Wheat cereals double as a tasty breakfast cereal and go-to recipe ingredient. Try our favorites:
Banana-Raisin Shredded Wheat Muffins
Savory Meatloaf
Frosted Mixed Berry Acai Breakfast Bowl

Post Shredded Wheat Big Biscuit cereal box

Shredded Wheat Original Big Biscuit cereal

Post Shredded Wheat Original Spoon Size cereal box

Shredded Wheat Original Spoon Size® cereal

What N Bran Shredded Wheat Cereal Box

Shredded Wheat Spoon Size® Wheat'n Bran cereal