Grape-Nuts® cereal

Since 1897, Grape-Nuts cereal has been a part of American history as an iconic nutritious and delicious breakfast staple and a popular recipe ingredient.

Despite its name, Grape-Nuts do not contain grapes nor nuts. Legends state that C.W. Post believed glucose, what he referred to as "grape sugar," formed during the baking process. The other tale says it got its name from its resemblance to grape seeds, or grape "nuts."

Grape-Nuts cereal is made from wheat and barley, packed with whole-grain goodness that gives you the power to climb your personal mountain.

Not only is Grape-Nuts an American breakfast cereal classic -- it's also a surprisingly versatile ingredient used in a variety of recipes -- from breakfast to dessert. Try our fan-favorite recipes:
Grape-Nuts Baked Meatloaf
Grape-Nuts Cookies
Grape-Nuts Energy Granola Bars

Grape-Nuts cereal is officially back shipping at full capacity to stores nationwide, bringing the Great Grape-Nuts Shortage of 2021 to an end. Fans should be able to find Grape-Nuts in stores now or soon, but exact timing of on-shelf availability may vary by retailer.

Grape Nuts cereal box

Grape-Nuts® cereal

Grape Nuts Flakes cereal box

Grape-Nuts® Flakes cereal

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