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StorySeptember 2, 2022

Post’s Culture of Giving Back: Volunteer Programs, Food Donations and More

Post employees donating bags of food and supplies to local communities

The Post team loves making your favorite breakfast cereals … but what’s even better is donating it to those in our community who need it most.

As one of the top cereal companies in North America, it’s on us to feed our communities and fight food insecurity. Our employees strive to make a difference in reducing hunger through volunteer programs, donations and more.

Watch the video below to learn about our passion for making our communities stronger and improving access to food.

Our employees, leaders and community partners quote their experiences with our unique ‘giving back’ culture and ongoing events and programs:

Tonya Brake, Chief Human Resources Officer

“It’s really clear that our employees really want to make a difference and be part of a culture of giving. We see that with their interest in participating in these events.”

Jordan Gaal, Corporate Communications Manager

“All of our locations across North America do so much volunteering and community involvement. And it’s been really incredible to see the enthusiasm and energy that our employees approach this work with. I think it truly demonstrates that culture of giving is in every single employee.”

Kim Setter, Director of Sensory & Consumer Science

“What is important to me about giving back is it shows my kids and the people around me that I care. It’s important to see that this is part of leading a moral and good life, giving back to others. ”

Jill Bollettieri, Senior Vice President & General Counsel

“Giving back is also really fun for employees and drives employee engagement. People want to feel like they’re doing good in the world.”

Nicolas Catoggio, President & CEO

“I think it’s important to give back to our communities and to help those in need and those that are facing food insecurity. I’m extremely proud of what we’re doing as a company.”

John Wilgers, President & CEO, GTC United Way

“Post is a really good partner to Great Twin Cities United Way, and they’re really a great community member. The difference that Post is making in the community is a big deal!”

TD Dixon, Chief Growth Officer

“Food insecurity is one of the biggest problems in America. And the fact that we’re a food company and have the opportunity to give back to needy families is not only something we enjoy doing, but also a responsibility for us as a company.”

During April 2022 alone, Post employees contributed over 700 hours of volunteering, $57K in monetary donations and 30K meals – packed or donated. Check out the results of some of our recent volunteer programs like our Ingredients for Good volunteer initiative.