We are driven by one idea: to make better happen.

Some will tell you all it takes to get a company going is a better idea. That’s why so many companies don’t last. What it really takes is a passion for building a better company.

When we make better happen, families get a better choice to choose what they love. Retailers get a fresh chance to grow. We succeed as a company. The communities around us are better off. When we make better happen in every fiber of our business, it adds up to a whole lot of better. And the real beauty is, better is endless.

Watch the video: This is better in action

Put safety first

Nothing is worth making if those who make it and those who consume it aren’t safe.

Win together

We succeed through respect, diversity, honest communications and bringing others along. We focus our competitive energy outward.

Act with integrity

We do the right thing for our people, our customers, our consumers and our communities. We make hard decisions with humanity.

Be courageous

We have the courage to adapt to changing conditions, and the confidence and humility to seek help when we need it.

Drive for results

We value our ability to work faster and harder than our competitors. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for results.