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HONEY MAID® S'mores cereal

You don't need a bonfire to experience the rich taste of s’mores... Post® Dream Cereal's HONEY MAID® S'mores cereal can be enjoyed right in your cereal bowl, by the handful or as a sweet and crunchy dessert topping! This graham cracker inspired cereal is filled with chocolatey pieces, sweet mini marshmallows and HONEY MAID® Graham Cracker-flavored squares. Never have s’mores indoors been so delicious!

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Honey Maid S'mores cereal box

HONEY MAID S’mores cereal

Enjoy the delicious taste of s’mores right in your cereal bowl with chocolatey goodness, sweet marshmallows and the delicious taste of Honey maid® Graham Crackers. Never have s’mores indoors been so delicious!