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PEBBLES™ cereal

Since 1971, Flinstones-inspired PEBBLES cereal varieties like Cocoa PEBBLES and Fruity PEBBLES have been capturing the hearts of all age groups and bringing joy to breakfast-time. Its delicious flavors, crispy crunchy rice, and iconic characters all come together to create a timeless, classic cereal.

Not only is PEBBLES cereal a breakfast favorite, it's also a popular secret ingredient to a variety of dessert recipes. Try some of our go-to's:
- Fruity PEBBLES Cake Bread
- Cocoa PEBBLES Trail Mix Bars
- Caramel Cocoa PEBBLES Cupcakes

Start your day with the full-blown flavor of PEBBLES cereal and amazing things can happen! YABBA DABBA DOO!™ something great today!

Winterfest Fruity PEBBLES cereal

Winterfest Fruity PEBBLES™ Cereal

Cocoa PEBBLES Waffles

Cocoa PEBBLES™ Waffles

Fruity PEBBLES Waffles

Fruity PEBBLES™ Waffles

Cocoa PEBBLES Crunch'd Cereal

Cocoa PEBBLES™ Crunch'd cereal

Fruity PEBBLES Crunch'd Cereal

Fruity PEBBLES™ Crunch’d cereal

Fruity PEBBLES cereal box

Fruity PEBBLES™ cereal

Cocoa PEBBLES cereal box

Cocoa PEBBLES™ cereal

Marshmallow Cocoa-PEBBLES cereal box

Marshmallow Cocoa PEBBLES™ cereal

Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles Cereal Box

Marshmallow Fruity PEBBLES™ cereal

Fruity PEBBLES Treats Box

Fruity PEBBLES™ Treats

Fruity PEBBLES™ Crisps Packaging

Fruity PEBBLES™ Crisps

Fruity PEBBLES Crisps Snack Pack Packaging

Fruity PEBBLES™ Crisps Snack Packs

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