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How our cereals and food products are made, nutrition and ingredient information, and where to find our products in stores and online.

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How Post® pet food products are made, feeding and ingredient information, and more.

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Company Information

Who we are, the history of our iconic breakfast cereals and trusted pet foods, and where to find us.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

How we work toward a more sustainable future, who we partner with and sourcing policies.

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Which Post cereals and products are gluten free?

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Are Post products kosher certified?

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Has my favorite Post Consumer Brands cereal or product been discontinued?

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Cereal is a popular American breakfast staple made from grains like wheat, oats, rice or corn. Grains are poured into a hopper or mixing kettle, followed by adding delicious flavors, vitamins and extra ingredients like nuts, fruits or marshmallows. Cereal is most commonly enjoyed by the bowl with dairy or non-dairy milk, but also makes a great midday snack and is a secret ingredient in many delicious recipes.

Learn more about how cereal is made, its nutritional information and benefits, and more by viewing our Cereal Nutrition and Production Information page.

Yes, oatmeal is considered a cereal! Oats are a type of cereal grain; however, oatmeal does differ from hot cereal—a porridge made with any type of grain. Check out some of our tasty oatmeal varieties from Better Oats® and hot cereal options from Malt-O-Meal® Hot and Farina Mills®!

Post® cereals come in a variety of package sizes. The number of cups or servings in one cereal box varies by product. You can see the number of servings in a product by reading the top of the nutrition label printed on the package. Learn more about reading our nutrition labels.

Cereal serving sizes vary by product. You can find a product’s specific serving size by reading the top of the nutrition label printed on the package. Learn more about reading our nutrition labels.

BHT is an antioxidant that protects the freshness and flavor of the cereal.

Food safety is our highest priority. Products containing BHT have been recognized as safe by the FDA and Health Canada. Very small amounts of BHT are added to some of our products or carton liners as a preservative. BHT is always labeled clearly on all products that contain them. We understand that there are many factors you may consider when purchasing a product. We are committed to providing families with a variety of products to meet their dietary preferences.

C.W. Post created the first Post® cereal products in 1895.

Grape-Nuts® cereal was one of the first ready-to-eat cereals created by C.W. Post in 1897.

Our most popular cereal varieties include Honey Bunches of Oats® cereal and PEBBLES™ cereal. Find out more on the cereal and product search page.

Hot cereal is primarily grains boiled in water or milk. Our hot cereal products include Better Oats® Instant Oatmeal, Malt-O-Meal® Hot Cereal, CoCo Wheats® Hot Cereal and Farina Mills® Cereal.

Fortified cereal contains added vitamins and minerals, in addition to any naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.
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