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Golden Crisp®

Golden Crisp cereal

Since 1949, cereal lovers haven’t been able to get enough of that Golden Crisp®. This satisfyingly sweet and crunchy puffed wheat cereal will have you begging for a second bowl!

Enjoy the sweet life

Take a lesson from Golden Crisp’s iconic Sugar Bear featured on every cereal box: Keep it cool, and keep it crunchy.

Crispy, crunchy, Golden Crisp

There’s nothing quite like a bowlful of sweet and crunchy Golden Crisp. Don’t miss out on this sweet cereal classic!

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Get your Golden Crisp

Find Golden Crisp cereal in a store near you!

Golden Crisp Recipes

Enjoy sweet and crunchy Golden Crisp cereal in these fun recipes.

Golden Crisp crispy treats balls recipe

Crispy Treats Balls

Salty and sweet, these crispy treat balls are perfect for satisfying those midday munchies or a post-meal sugar craving. Go ahead, have a few of these bite-size sweets!

Golden Crisp chewy caramel bars recipe

Chewy Caramel Bars

Now here's a bar recipe perfectly made for busy families. All you need to make these nutty caramel bars are four ingredients and a microwave. Pro tip: Get the whole family in on the caramel unwrapping.

Golden Crisp golden trail snack bars recipe

Golden Trail Snack Bars

Buttery, salty and sweet, these golden snack bars are bound to disappear quickly. Good thing they're quick and easy to make!

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Golden Crisp in the news

Stay up to date on the latest with Golden Crisp®!

Crispy Treat Balls with Golden Crisp cereal

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Cocoa PEBBLES Grilled Bananas.

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