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Alpen® Muesli

Alpen Muesli cereals

What is muesli? Think of it as granola’s cousin with nuts and fruit. A source of fiber, Alpen® Muesli is great served hot or cold, dry or soaked, plain or combined with your favorite toppings. A breakfaster favorite for over 45 years!

Comfort food

Nestle in for a fantastic treat with the perfect blend of hearty whole grains, sweet fruit and crunchy nuts.

Delicious cereal varieties to start your day

Savor the crunchy-chewy goodness of Alpen Muesli Original or No Sugar Added* cereal.

Alpen Muesli Original
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*Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for sugar and calorie content.

A bowl of Alpen Muesli with cherries, yogurt and honey

Tasty goodness in every bite

  • A source of fiber.†
  • Low in saturated fat.†
  • Blend of whole grain oats and wheat.

†Alpen No Sugar Added* Contains 3.5g Total Fat per Serving

Begin any adventure with Alpen Muesli

Find Alpen Muesli cereals near you or buy online.