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Barbara’s cereal and snacks

Our goal is simple: Create good food that tastes delicious. With a wide variety of yummy flavors, there’s a Barbara’s® cereal or snack everyone in the family will enjoy.

Great choices with great taste

We go back to the basics, using ingredients you’ve heard of and will feel good about in Barbara’s cereals and cheese puffs.

Try our tasty products

Whole grain, gluten-free or non-GMO, explore our range of Barbara’s cereal and cheese puffs brands.

Barbara's Baked Original Cheese Puffs in a bag next to an open school lunch box including cheese puffs with grapes and a sandwich

Delicious ingredients you’ll love

Barbara’s cereals and cheese puffs are made with your nutritional preferences and needs top of mind, with choices you’ll love:

Barbara’s cereals

  • Heart-healthy.1
  • Source of fiber.
  • Made with whole grains.
  • Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • Vegan.
  • Kosher.

Barbara’s Cheese Puffs

  • Gluten-free.
  • Made with real cheese.


1While many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of this disease.


Snack tasty with Barbara’s

Find out where to buy Barbara’s cereals and snacks in stores near you or buy online.

Make something yummy!

Whether you have a sweet tooth or a craving for savory, you’ll find inspiration in these simple, creative recipes featuring your favorite Barbara’s® products.

Cheese Puff Crunch Chicken Tenders

Cheese Puff Crunch Chicken Tenders

Simple and delicious. The Barbara’s® Cheese Puffs breading keeps your chicken tenders moist, and it adds texture and flavor. Don’t be surprised if these chicken tenders make their way into your weekly meal rotation.

Barbara's Jalapeno Cheese Puff Chicken Poppers with dipping sauce

Barbara’s Jalapeno Cheese Puff Chicken Poppers

Crush, mix, shape and throw ’em in the oven. These jalapeno cheese chicken poppers are surprisingly easy to make and they’re liable to be gobbled up quickly.

breaded herb-roasted veggies

Barbara’s Breaded Herb-Roasted Veggies

Looking for a new way to eat your veggies? Try them with Barbara’s Morning Oat Crunch Original Cereal.

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