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Waffle Crisp®

Waffle Crisp cereal

Give your tastebuds an irresistible treat with the flavor explosion of the decadent taste of Post® Waffle Crisp® cereal.

Homemade waffle taste in every bite

Crispy waffle-shaped bites of golden goodness promise a morning delight like no other. A fan-favorite for kids and adults alike, nothing beats a spoonful of that nostalgic waffle flavor.

Indulge in sweet satisfaction

Bring the flavor of warm waffles to your cereal bowl.

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Make mornings memorable

Find Post® Waffle Crisp® cereal near you.

Waffle Crisp recipes

Get inspired with Waffle Crisp®!

EZ Fruity Popcorn Snack

“EZ” Fruity Popcorn Snack

You're going to love this fresh take on an old-fashioned treat. Waffle Crisp® cereal adds an unexpected twist to this EZ Fruity Popcorn Snack.

Sunshine snack mix recipe

Waffle Crisp® Sweet & Salty Snack Mix

Enjoy our nostalgic Waffle Crisp® cereal outside of the bowl! This Waffle Crisp® Sweet & Salty Snack Mix makes for a perfectly balanced crunchy treat—made with sweet waffle flavored cereal pieces, bacon, peanuts, and more.

Wicked snack mix recipe

Wicked Snack Mix

Get into the Halloween spirit with this tasty snack. Sweet, salty, buttery? Wicked, indeed!

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