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Malt-O-Meal cereal

Malt-O-Meal® cereal checks every box. Big Bag. Big Value. Big Flavor. Big Smiles. With 30+ delicious and classic cereal flavors, there’s a family favorite in every bag!

Kids savor. Parents save.

We’re all about helping families thrive, starting with the first part of their day. Like enjoying cereal that’s a little less spendy, but still oh so tasty. And finding flavors everyone can enjoy, with plenty to go around for all.
So, come explore our cereals, see what’s new, and discover fun ways to enjoy Malt-O-Meal® cereal at breakfast time and beyond!

A flavor for everyone

From apple flavor in our Apple Zings® to cinnamon-y sweet Cinnamon Toasters®, there’s a Malt-O-Meal® bag for everyone!

Malt-O-Meal Apple Zings cereal bag
Malt-O-Meal Berry Colossal Crunch Cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal Berry Colossal Crunch with Marshmallows Cereal packaging
Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal Chocolatey Chip Cookie Bites Cereal packaging
Cinnamon Toasters cereal packaging
Coco Roos cereal packaging
Cocoa Dyno Bites cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Cocoa Dyno-Bites® with Marshmallows cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Crispy Rice cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Frosted Flakes cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Frosted Mini Spooners® cereal packaging
Fruity Dyno Bites cereal
Malt-O-Meal® Fruity Dyno-Bites® with Marshmallows cereal packaging
Golden Honey O's cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Golden Puffs® cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Honey Buzzers® cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Honey Graham Toasters® cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Honey Nut Scooters® cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Marshmallow Mateys® cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Oat Blenders with Almonds cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Oat Blenders with Honey cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Peanut Butter Cups cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal Raisin Bran cereal
Malt-O-Meal® S'mores cereal packaging
Malt-O-Meal® Strawberry Cream Mini Spooners cereal packaging
Tootie Fruities cereal packaging
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Get your bag

Find your favorite Malt-O-Meal® cereal near you or online.

Make something great with Malt-O-Meal

There are so many ways to enjoy our 30+ Malt-O-Meal® flavors. From trail mix to colorful cookies, go make a delicious recipe!

Malt O Meal Summer Fruity Smoothie recipe

Malt-O-Meal® Fruity Dyno Bites® Summer Smoothie

Chill out this summer with a refreshingly delightful smoothie! This Fruity Dyno Bites cereal summer smoothie is a go-to for those hot and sunny days.

Coconut Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Coconut Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Wake up to the delicious taste of these no-bake coconut peanut butter energy balls, made with Post® cereal staples Better Oats® Quick Oats and Malt-O-Meal® cereal. They're easy to make and can be enjoyed throughout your week as an energizing breakfast or a midday pick-me-up!

Cinnamon toasters banana muffins recipe

Cinnamon Toasters Banana Muffins

These cinnamon banana muffins are equally sweet and crunchy, thanks to their secret ingredient – Malt-O-Meal® Cinnamon Toasters cereal!

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See what’s crunching

Check out the latest Malt-O-Meal® news!

Waffle Crisps are poured into a paper bowl cutout with a paper milk glass cutout and spoon cutout

May 9, 2023

Blast from the Past: Iconic Post and Malt-O-Meal Cereals You Loved as a Kid

Take a trip down memory lane and rediscover the iconic Post® and Malt-O-Meal® cereals that defined your childhood breakfasts.

Bowls of Shredded Wheat on a table.

May 3, 2023

5 Kid-Friendly Spring Recipes Inspired by Post Cereal

Try these yummy kid-friendly recipes the whole family can enjoy!

New Malt-O-Meal Cereal Bags

May 5, 2022

Malt-O-Meal Cereal Survey Finds Nearly 3 in 4 Consumers Likely to Purchase Foods from Value Brands

As grocery store prices surge, a new Malt-O-Meal survey finds that nearly 3 in 4 consumers are likely to purchase foods from value brands as they prioritize quality and affordability.

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John Campbell sitting at a desk

Malt-O-Meal through the years

In the early 1900s, John Campbell was tired of eating bland hot wheat cereal. A miller in Owatonna, Minnesota, he started experimenting with different ingredients. Adding malt flavor to farina wheat, Malt-O-Meal was officially introduced to the cereal scene in 1919.

Fast-forward to the 1970s, the Malt-O-Meal Company began expanding its ready-to-eat cereals, introducing flavors like Toasty O’s, Sugar Puffs and Tootie Fruities. Ever since, Malt-O-Meal has been helping parents win breakfast time with high-value, delicious cereals.