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StoryJanuary 3, 2022

Keeping Post® Cereal Fans and Employees Safe Through Manufacturing Standards

Manufacturing safety practices at Post Consumer Brands

Every bowl of Post® cereal starts with our team, made up of members dedicated to safety, quality and to giving you a better breakfast – whether it’s a bowl of our beloved Grape-Nuts® cereal, Malt-O-Meal® cereal or another favorite.

Putting customer and employee safety first is something we take very seriously at all of our locations, including corporate offices and manufacturing plants. Nothing is worth making if those who make it and consume it aren’t safe.

Watch this video to uncover the safety standards and processes that make your go-to breakfast cereals happen:

What Does Safety Look Like at Post®?

1. Following Environmental, Health and Safety Laws

To ensure customer safety when consuming our products, we hold ourselves and suppliers to the highest standards and adhere to all environmental and health laws required by the FDA.

To keep our employees safe, we adhere to OSHA‘s standards – which ensure employees work in a safe and healthful environment through keeping our plants and offices free from recognized hazards, providing educational training, and more. 

2. Keeping the Workplace Clean

We strive to create a safe and clean workplace from the time our team members arrive to the time they leave. The best manufacturing practices are always at work, like changing from our street shoes to our safety toe shoes (aka our cereal shoes), changing into the official Post Consumer Brands® uniform before beginning work and stopping by the hand-washing station for a thorough clean before making cereal. 

3. Ensuring Safe Food

Our cereals and the ingredients you know and love like flakes and marshmallows are prepared under a variety of safe and clean processes, too. For example, our products that are labeled gluten-free are tested to ensure they meet the FDA’s standard for a gluten-free label.

Next time you sit down to a big bowl of cereal, know how this is how it starts – with the utmost care, quality, and safety in mind for your family and ours.