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StoryJuly 25, 2023

Uncover Five Unexpected Cereal Snacking Trends of 2023

OREO O's® Cereal Overnight Oats in a mason jar recipe

At Post Consumer Brands, we take pride in staying on top of the snacking game. We’re all about making your snack breaks delicious, nutritious and anything but boring. Come along with us as we explore some of the tastiest snacking trends of 2023, all featuring your favorite Post® cereals!

1. Homemade Hummus: Grape-Nuts® Crunchy Curried Hummus

Grape Nuts curried hummus recipe

Let’s kick things off with a savory sensation that takes the homemade hummus trend to a whole new level. Our Grape-Nuts Crunchy Curried Hummus is an unexpected delight, combining the rich, savory flavors of curry with the unique, hearty crunch of Grape-Nuts cereal.

Get ready to dip into an exciting blend of textures and flavors that’ll keep you coming back for more! Find the recipe.

2. Power-Packed Smoothie Bowls: Banana Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Banana chocolate smoothie bowl Great Grains

Smoothie bowls are all the rage right now, and we’re taking them up a notch with our Banana Chocolate Smoothie Bowl. The combination of frozen bananas and a hint of chocolate creates a luscious, mousse-like texture. While a generous sprinkle of our Great Grains® cereal and some coconut flakes adds a much-needed crunch.

This nutrient-rich treat isn’t just visually appealing, but also loaded with goodness, perfect for a breakfast boost or an afternoon pick-me-up. Get the recipe.

3. High-Protein Goodies: Mixed Berry High-Protein Bites

Mixed Berry Protein Bites Recipe

For those always on the go, we’ve got the perfect snack for you—our Premier Protein® Cereal Mixed Berry High-Protein Bites. Packed with protein and vibrant berry flavors, these little bites of joy offer an instant energy boost whenever you need one.

Keep a batch handy for those busy days when you need a quick, healthy snack. Find the recipe.

4. Evolution of the Cake Pop: Marshmallow Fruity PEBBLES™ Cereal Double Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Fruity PEBBLES pops on napkins atop a pink table.

Here’s a trend that’s not just tasty, but also a feast for the eyes! Our Marshmallow Fruity PEBBLES Cereal Double Marshmallow Pops are as colorful as they are delicious. Doubling the fun of marshmallows and bursting with flavor, these pops will add a dash of vibrancy to any occasion. Get the recipe.

5. Oats On-the-Go: Oreo O’s® Cereal Overnight Oats

OREO O's® Cereal Overnight Oats in a mason jar recipe

Lastly, we’re breaking down breakfast boundaries with our Oreo O’s Cereal Overnight Oats. Who says you can’t have cookies for breakfast? This quick, delicious recipe made with Post Oreo O’s cereal is as easy as it gets—just mix, chill overnight and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast! Find the recipe.

Post Consumer Brands is your go-to source for delicious and innovative cereal-based snack recipes. Using our cereals, you can experiment and create delectable new snacks. Join us on this tasty journey, and don’t forget to share your snacking adventures with us!

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