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Putting Safety First at Post

Keeping our employees and consumers safe is our top priority. Discover the safety practices and policies at Post Consumer Brands® that go into your favorite breakfast cereals, snacks and pet foods.

Putting Employee Safety First

At Post Consumer Brands, the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees comes first, always. We are unwavering in our commitment to provide a safe working environment across all our facilities. Through robust safety policies, training, and a culture of caring, we empower our people to speak up about any safety concerns. By putting our employees first and upholding the highest safety standards, we earn their trust and confidence. Our team knows we will act decisively to address risks and take every step to protect them. Their safety enables our shared success.

Employee Safety and Good Manufacturing Practices

Two Post employees working in a facility

Before anyone enters a manufacturing plant, they must change out of their outside shoes and wear their steel-toed “Cereal Shoes,” wear a lab coat, safety glasses, earplugs, a hairnet and beard net, and scrub and wash their hands. It might seem like an extensive list, but every step is an equally essential part of our Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP).

Bob Lambert
“At Post Consumer Brands, the safety of our people, products and the environment are our number one priority.”
Bob Lambert, Sr. Director of Environmental Health and Safety
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Supplier and Ingredient Safety

A Post employee poses for a photo next to a large container of cereal

We work collaboratively with our suppliers to safely source and transport ingredients even before they reach our manufacturing plants. This ensures that we maintain the quality and safety of our food products throughout the supply chain.

Our site scientists are not only monitoring product and ingredient safety, but they are also finding new ways to make our operations even safer. For example, we are developing new ways to dry clean machinery alongside our efforts to reduce water usage.

Cutting down on water usage helps reduce the risk of microbial and bacterial growth. When you enjoy a spoonful of Peter Pan® Peanut Butter or a bowl of Post® breakfast cereal, you can have confidence in the safety and quality of your meal.

Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Post Consumer Brands, we value our employees and their well-being. We offer free counseling, financial guidance, and crisis management resources. We also advocate for work-life balance. With open and honest communication, we encourage our team to take advantage of these resources.

Upholding these standards, we are a team, with a commitment to a supportive and mentally healthy workplace.

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