May 11, 2021

Environmental initiatives save water and increase efficiency

Post's cereal manufacturing process reduces water usage

At Post Consumer Brands, we believe it’s our responsibility to help make the world a better place. This includes continuously looking for ways to minimize water usage in our manufacturing processes and protect and preserve this valuable resource that is essential to producing the breakfast cereals you and your family love.

Our primary water initiatives at Post Consumer Brands aim to minimize water usage in the cleaning process and reduce the potential for pathogenic growth. These programs focus on implementing effective dry-cleaning methods where practical that allow us to leverage alternative methods and tools to remove dust and other food debris.

A recent example of additional efforts related to water conservation involves our utility usage at our Cobourg, Ontario facility.  They recently replaced a single-pass cooling system with a recirculating cooling system that reuses water in a closed loop to cool down machinery instead of using a constant flow of water. By implementing a recirculating cooling system, the plant was able to save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water annually. This type of system also improves efficiency, as water no longer has to be constantly pumped into the manufacturing plant.

Water usage reduction is only one way we are working to minimize our impact on the environment. Read more about our commitment to protecting our natural resources.