February 7, 2022

Post Is Filling Cereal Bowls, Not Landfills

Front view of Niagara Falls Ontario Plant

The Post Consumer Brands plant in Niagara Falls, Ontario produces 43 million pounds of cereal each year, including Shredded Wheat cereal, Great Grains® cereal, Raisin Bran cereal and Bran Flakes cereal. Driven by a culture of continuous improvement, the plant’s 165+ employees work hard every day to practice safe and sustainable manufacturing.

What Is a Zero-Waste Landfill?

The Post Canada team classified the Niagara Falls plant as a zero waste to landfill five years ago using an internal definition. This came after successful efforts to eliminate manufacturing and food waste from ending up in a landfill, by either recycling or reusing it.

How Does Post Reuse Waste?

The majority of waste at Post Consumer Brands in Niagara Falls is either excess cereal ingredients or scraps, plastic, cardboard, or garbage. Cardboard and plastic are recycled. Garbage is incinerated to produce energy for electricity, and leftover ingredients, such as wheat and oats, are used for animal feed on farms.

In addition, we’ve donated more than $7.5 million in breakfast cereal and cash as of 2020 and partner with organizations such as Feeding America and Feed the Children to help put an end to world hunger.

Post’s Commitment to Employee Safety

At Post Consumer Brands, safety is our number one priority. In addition to sustainable initiatives, the plant continues to cultivate a culture of safety. Earlier this year, Niagara Falls celebrated seven years without a lost-time accident in 2019, meaning no manufacturing time and employee hours were lost due to injuries.

Congratulations, Niagara Falls! Thank you for Making Better Happen and leading the breakfast cereal industry in safety and sustainability.

Learn about how Post Consumer Brands is reducing food waste and improving sustainable practices across all of its plants and locations in our 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report.