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StoryAugust 29, 2023

How Have Our Interns Been Spending Their Time with Post Consumer Brands?


A group of interns pose for a photo.

We are grateful to have played host to 23 interns this summer, as a part of our 2023 internship program. Located across various Post Consumer Brands manufacturing sites, offices and departments, our interns were immersed into the business to gain real-world experience.

As this year’s internship program came to an end, we asked our interns to share their experience and highlights from their summer spent with us. From managing projects to improving sustainability, here are just a few examples of what our interns had to share:

Amanda Kosasih, Continuous Improvement Intern at our Battle Creek, MI Plant

“Teamwork and collaboration are definitely very important here. People often work with each other and there is a lot of back-and-forth communication and follow ups. My favorite part of the internship was the fact that everyone was very welcoming to me. This includes not just the upper management, but also the operators on the shop floor as well. Most people were happy to talk to me, answer my questions, and even teach me. I never felt out of place, and I felt like I was being treated the same as the other full-time employees.”

Dallas Schechterly, Pet Intern at our Bloomsburg, PA Plant

“A highlight was the people I met. A lot of these people have been here for a long time (20+ years). Hearing about the new technology and its coming about from the older methods of running was very interesting to learn. I had never really thought about control systems much before I studied Mechanical Engineering. However, seeing how different parts of a control system must be mounted and view certain things, I see that they must be a part of any design.”

Dani Friedges, Finance Intern at our Lakeville, MN office

“Post Consumer Brands has an exceptional work culture within the organization on so many different levels. Within just 2.5 months at Post, the environment has blown me away. They clearly make an effort to have a sustainable and welcoming team culture which makes coming to work so much more fun. The culture and environment here at Post make fitting in really easy. While I’m thrilled to working towards my college degree, this summer demonstrated to me that there are so many things you will experience at work that you will not be taught in school.”

Eleanor Deprez, Supply Chain Intern at our Lakeville, MN office

“People really care about what they are doing and know that the work they are doing matters. The company’s values can be seen through its employees and the way they care. They put a lot of trust into me which I think is really cool, PCB wants to invest in you as an individual and help you grow. The internship program is really good at giving you exposure to the different areas of the company as well as leadership.”

Reid Dinning, CSE Intern at our Lakeville, MN office

“It’s a great place to experience a real-world working experience, it is a company with lots of great people who want to help. I really felt like I made an impact during my time with Post and loved getting to know the other interns. The culture at Post really is friendly, positive and uplifting. I’ve learned how to take initiative and how to communicate effectively with my superiors.”

Sara Eum, Business Reporting and Analytics Intern at our Lakeville, MN office

“The internship program provided me with an experience that reaffirmed the passion I have for Business Analytics! I had so much fun with every project I got to do during my internship. Everyone on the team was very kind and welcoming. I loved it so much, in fact, that I have accepted a full-time position with Post! I would encourage others to consider an internship with Post, they allow interns to do real work, but with a great support system which creates an environment that encourages growth and learning.”

Are you interested in learning more about internship opportunities at Post, or how we work to provide opportunities to people who are just starting out in their careers? Check out our career page to find out more. Summer 2024 internship positions will be posted in September.