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StoryMarch 1, 2022

Post Operations Production Team Safely and Efficiently Makes the Cereal You Know and Love

Monica Bermudez, Processing Specialist at Post Consumer Brands

Being a part of the operations production team at Post Consumers Brands involves operating and managing the plants that make Post® ready-to-eat and hot breakfast cereals and products. It also involves problem solving, necessary to increase efficiency and sustainability. However, it isn’t just about maximizing efficiency. Post operations production leaders also prioritize safety first and empower team members to learn and grow their careers.

Keep reading to learn about how our team works together to produce the cereal and snack brands you know and love.

Meet Jeff and Monica, Operations Production Professionals

Jeff Stenzel is a senior manufacturing manager at Post’s oldest and largest plant in Battle Creek, Mich.—the unofficial “cereal capital of the world.” He manages many aspects of the manufacturing plant’s operations and the Post cereal cooking process, from the machinery to the team members who operate it.

“It’s really about enabling people to do well in their jobs, figuring out what the roadblocks are in the plant here and knocking them out of the way and helping people produce the cereal that we need to produce for our customers efficiently,” says Jeff.

It takes a dedicated team that can effectively work together to keep a manufacturing plant like the one in Battle Creek producing hundreds of millions of pounds of cereal each year.

Learn about how Jeff manages the Post Battle Creek plant in this video:

Monica Bermudez is a processing specialist at the Post Campbell Mill in Northfield, Minn. The local community knows the plant best by its delicious smell. Monica is part of a team that excels at collaborating and makes exciting products like Malt-O-Meal Marshmallow Matey’s® cereal or Honeycomb® cereal.

“It’s exciting! It’s fun making cereal. You make customers happy; you make kids happy. I find that really, really rewarding,” says Monica.

Learn more about why Monica finds her career fulfilling in this video:

Join Our Operations Production Team

 Are you passionate about breakfast (and even better, Post and Malt-O-Meal cereals)? You can make the cereal the families know and love as part of our operations production group at Post Consumer Brands. Join the team that makes one out of every five cereal breakfasts in the U.S. View Post’s operations and manufacturing career opportunities here.