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Get an inside look at what makes your favorite breakfast

cereals, snacks and pet food products happen.

Discover the processes behind Post Consumer Brands grocery and pet food products, nostalgic cereal commercials and beyond.

From new and iconic cereal commercials to a behind-the-scenes look at our grocery and pet food making processes, virtual tours of manufacturing plants, how we serve local communities through corporate social responsibility initiatives, and more, we’ve got a lot of exciting videos to share with you!

Sit back, grab your favorite Post® cereal or snack, and enjoy our videos!

Post Consumer Brands employee at Northfield plant

Meet the Team

Get to know the people
that make your favorite
Post® cereals, grocery products
and pet foods possible.

Post Consumer Brands employees volunteering at Ingredients for Good event

Corporate Social Responsibility

Discover our latest efforts
to support our local communities,
improve environmental sustainability
and empower our employees.

Three bowls of OREO O's cereal with milk

Cereal and Snack Commercials

From the new to the
nostalgic, explore our
fan favorite cereal commercials.

Cereal production line at Post Consumer Brands Northfield plant

How our Food Products are Made

Get an inside look
at the processes and
practices that go into
making your favorite
Post® cereals and products.

Most popular videos

Our Values at Post Consumer Brands

Learn about our six company values and how our employees live them out every day while making your favorite grocery products and pet foods.

How Our Cereal Is Made – Smart, Sustainable Packaging

Learn how Post® is choosing sustainable cereal packaging that is right for you and for the planet, and how you can do your part in reducing waste.

Our Commitment to Giving Back and Volunteering

Volunteering and giving back are an integral part of Post®’s culture. Learn about our efforts to reduce hunger through various programs and donations.

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Watch Our CSR Commitments in Action

Besides our love for cereal, one thing all Post employees have in common is their shared passion for making lives better. Discover how we do right for our employees, our customers and the environment.

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Meet the Team

Career Growth and Advancement

Post® team members are given opportunities to foster career advancement without having to job hop. Hear from our employees about their career growth experiences.

Meet the Team

Starting Your Career at Post®

Post® empowers interns to grow their careers long term, with over 75% from 2021 now with us full time! Hear from our former interns about learning opportunities.

Meet the Team

Get to Know Chris, Engineering Manager at Post Consumer Brands

Meet Chris George, engineering manager at our Lancaster plant, as he shares what he loves about being part of the Post family.

Meet the Team

Get to Know Mike, Quality Technician at Post Consumer Brands

Get to know Mike Bringardner, quality technician at our Lancaster plant. Learn about his role and what he’s most passionate about!

Meet the Team

Get to Know Ben

Get to know Ben Bergstrom, the plant director of our second largest plant, Campbell Mill, in Minnesota. See how Ben is making a positive impact on our day-to-day operations.

Meet the Team

Get to Know Amy

What makes our manufacturing team in Asheboro such a close-knit community? Our plant manager, Amy Cernava, shares what makes this location unique.

Meet the Team

Get to Know Derek

Get to know Derek Wypyszynski, a senior financial analyst at our Lakeville, Minnesota, office and how he and his team adapted to a fully-remote work environment during the pandemic.

Meet the Team

Get to Know Eddie

Eddie Richards has been a successful mill operator at our Jonesboro Plant for 17 years! Discover his favorite things about working at Post® and what he does when he’s not making cereal.

Meet the Team

Get to Know John

Meet John Kompa, the plant manager at our Jonesboro facility and see how his strong dedication to teamwork and problem-solving makes family-favorite cereals like PEBBLES™ cereal possible!

Meet the Team

Get to Know Jose

Meet Jose Cruz, a processing specialist on the Puffer Toaster line at our Campbell Mill plant. Find out what he’s learned during his time at Post®!

Meet the Team

Get to Know Julie

Get to know Julie Kindelspire, a site scientist at our Jonesboro Plant. See how she uses her impressive problem-solving skills for more efficient cereal production and product innovations.

Meet the Team

Get to Know Kayla

Meet Kayla Weber, master data steward at our Minnesota office. Discover her impact on making better happen through ensuring accurate data usage and more!