April 6, 2021

Post Consumer Brands reduces packaging material by nearly 2 million pounds

Post makes more sustainable packaging by reducing material used

We believe it’s our responsibility to help make the world a better place. One way we do that is by continuously improving our packaging so it uses fewer materials and is easier for you to recycle.


In the last few years, our packaging teams worked to reduce the plastic film in our cereal bags, cutting our overall use of plastic by more than 1 million pounds and scoring a win for the planet. The team accomplished this by decreasing the thickness of the bags in most all Post and Malt-o-Meal® Cereal products, while still maintaining their overall durability and quality.

Not only is less plastic better for the environment, it’s also better for you. Reducing the amount and costs of materials used in our packaging helps us keep our prices low, even as the costs of those materials rise.

Some of your favorite cereals, like our Malt-o-Meal bagged cereals, use even less packaging material. By eliminating the box, we can offer a delicious, high-quality cereal at a great value for you and your family. And because it comes in just a bag, it has a smaller environmental footprint.

Plastic isn’t the only packaging material we’re working to reduce our usage of. Last year, we reduced paper packaging material usage by about 930,000 pounds. Our recyclable paper products include our cereal boxes and shipping cartons, the majority of which are already made out of recycled material.


Pouring the last bowl of cereal doesn’t have to end the fun! The PEBBLES team has some great ideas for reusing your cereal box and packaging material. Try making a Cereal Box Soccer Field, a Cereal Box Guitar, or even a Cereal Box Jet Pack!


After enjoying your breakfast, you can help by recycling the cereal box with other paper products. Since recycling programs can vary, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your local rules and regulations.

Improvements in packaging sustainability is only one way we are working to minimize our impact on the environment. Read more about our commitment to protecting our natural resources.