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StoryMay 14, 2024

Post Consumer Brands Welcomes 2024 Internship Class

Post Consumer Brands summer 2024 intern

With school wrapping up and summer right around the corner, we are officially gearing up for our Summer 2024 Internship Program at Post Consumer Brands. We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of 30 talented interns from 19 universities across 11 states!

The summer internship program lasting from May 20 to mid-August provides undergrad and graduate students a unique opportunity to integrate in a focused business or plant team within Post Consumer Brands. From engineering and IT security to marketing and sales these interns will spend their time contributing to projects, collaborating with team members, and gaining real life professional skills as they work across multiple departments and business units throughout various Post Consumer Brands locations.

Some quick statistics on our 2024 interns:

  • 13 interns at Lakeville Office
  • 14 interns at our Plant Locations
  • 1 intern at our Bentonville Sales office
  • 1 intern at our Cincinnati Sales office
  • 1 intern at Post Holdings HQ in St. Louis

Yash Rajanii, an Engineering Intern, has already begun his internship at the Niagara plant. The remaining interns will join us in two waves: Monday, May 25 or Monday, June 3. All interns will be with us through mid-August.

Interns Beginning Week of May 20

Battle Creek Plant

  • Jacob Warner, Continuous Improvement Intern
  • Liam McDonald, Operations Management Intern
  • Nicolas Martinez-Ortega, Engineering Intern

Bloomsburg Plant

  • Patrick Edmonson, Environment Health and Safety Intern

Campbell Mill Plant

  • Justin Brakke, Continuous Improvement Intern
  • Katie Kooy, Operations Management Intern
  • Mia Facio, Quality Food Safety Intern
  • Olivia Wood, Operations Engineering Intern

Jonesboro Plant

  • Cole Deevers, Engineering Intern

Lakeville Office

  • Andrew Adams, Finance Intern
  • Anna Triplett, MBA Intern – Brand Marketing
  • Caitlin Kruschke, Product R&D Intern
  • Jillian Jenkins, MBA Intern – Brand Marketing
  • Kadra Balla, Packaging R&D Intern
  • Kyle Nordling, Corporate Communications Intern

Meadville Plant

  • Anthony Grim, Engineering Intern
  • Kate Tears, Engineering Intern

Post Holdings HQ

  • Drew Torta, IT Security Intern

Sparks Plant

  • Ana Soares, Engineering Intern

Interns Beginning Week of June 3rd

Bentonville Office

  • Luke Stamps, Sales Intern (Walmart)

Cincinnati Office

  • Colin Kirk, Sales Intern (Kroger)

Lakeville Office

  • Alyssa Choi, Pilot Plant Intern
  • Brecken Thomas, Supply Chain Intern
  • Calvin Blohm, Supply Chain Intern
  • Karl Jorgenson, Sales Effectiveness Intern
  • Kate Groskreutz, Marketing Insights & Strategy Intern
  • Lexi Schmidt, eCommerce Marketing Intern
  • Zack Post, Data and Analytics Intern

Lawrence Plant

  • Kennedy Yeager, Engineering Intern

Investing in the Future

This internship program is a fantastic opportunity for both PCB and the interns themselves. The interns will gain valuable industry experience and hone their professional skills, while Post Consumer Brands benefits from their fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. We’re particularly excited about their contributions as we continue to experience growth in the pet food category

Stay Connected

We look forward to welcoming these interns in the coming weeks and encourage you to connect with our new employees. Stay tuned for more information and intern highlights on the Better Center throughout the summer! In the meantime, check out other exciting career opportunities at Post Consumer Brands.