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StoryJuly 7, 2023

Exploring Surprisingly Delicious Peanut Butter Food Pairings with Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Bananas next to a smoothie

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure? Pack your lunchbox because we’re journeying through the innovative world of peanut butter food pairings. Peter Pan® Peanut Butter is at the helm, leading us into uncharted territories of flavor combinations that are surprisingly delicious.

At Post Consumer Brands, we’re all about trying something new, whether crunchy star-shaped PEBBLES™ cereal or the unlikely power partnership, Premier Protein® cereal. Bring something new to your next snack session! Indulge in these six creative ways to eat peanut butter – from familiar classics to dubious delicacies.

1. Classic and Comforting: Peanut Butter and Jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich next to a bowl of chips and a glass of water.

First up is a classic that has stood the test of time: the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This beloved combo is a comfort food for many and an iconic staple in school lunches across America. The sweet and tangy jelly contrasts beautifully with the rich, creamy Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Learn how to create the perfect Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich.

2. Smooth and Sweet: Peanut Butter and Banana

Bananas next to a smoothie

Peanut butter and banana are another iconic, fan-favorite combination. This pairing is not only delicious but it’s also packed with wholesome goodness. The natural sweetness of ripe bananas complements the nutty creaminess of Peter Pan Peanut Butter, creating a satisfying snack or a quick, energy-boosting breakfast. Try this Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie recipe for a delightful spin on this combination.

3. Sweet, Savory, and Spicy: Peanut Butter and Sriracha

The unlikely peanut butter and sriracha trend is heating up kitchens across America. The fiery spice of sriracha blends perfectly with the smooth, creamy Peter Pan Peanut Butter, creating a flavor profile that’s nothing short of explosive. Use this dynamic duo in various dishes, from stir-fries to sandwiches. Try some Peter Pan Peanut Butter in your favorite Spicy Sriracha Noodles recipe for a quick dinner packed with flavor.

4. Smooth and Crunchy: Peanut Butter and Pickles

Next up is a pairing as surprising as it is delicious: peanut butter and pickles. The tangy, salty crunch of pickles unexpectedly balances peanut butter’s smooth, nutty creaminess. The refreshing pickle crunch is the perfect foil for the rich taste of Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Next time you have a Peanut Butter sandwich, why not throw some pickles in for a unique and tasty lunch crunch?

5. Creamy and Fresh: Peanut Butter and Avocado

Our next trend pairs Peter Pan Peanut Butter with the creamy goodness of avocado. The avocado’s mild flavor and smooth texture complement our peanut butter wonderfully, making for a nourishing and delicious combo. Try spreading Peter Pan Peanut Butter on avocado toast, a refreshing and filling breakfast option bound to become a favorite.

6. Sweet and Salty: Peanut Butter and Bacon

Lastly, we can’t forget the ever-popular peanut butter and bacon combo. The sweet and salty mixture is a time-honored favorite, and when you use Peter Pan Peanut Butter, it becomes an irresistible treat. Slather some Peter Pan Peanut Butter and grab some crispy bacon for a must-try burger to impress at your next BBQ.

Peter Pan Peanut Butter is your trusted partner in the kitchen, offering a versatile base for various trendy food pairings. Whether you’re in the mood to explore new culinary trends or stick to classic combinations, our peanut butter is the key ingredient that ties everything together.

At Peter Pan and Post Consumer Brands, we aim to bring fun, creativity, and, most importantly, delicious food into your kitchen.

Indulge in more innovative recipes and unconventional ways to eat peanut butter, and remember, with Peter Pan Peanut Butter, the possibilities are endless.