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StoryFebruary 10, 2022

Post Donates Cereal to Local Minnesota Brewery for Malt-O-Meal-Inspired Beer

Tanzenwald Brewing Ahoy Mateys cereal beer keg tapping

Post Consumer Brands® has been part of the Northfield, Minnesota, community for nearly 100 years. During that time, as part of Post’s commitment to strengthening local communities, the team has had their fair share of local partnerships and community involvement activities. However, none have been quite as bubbly as their recent partnership with Tanzenwald Brewing Company in Northfield.

In January, the Post Northfield team donated 100 pounds of Malt-O-Meal Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys cereal to the brewery. The brewery then used this donation to create a tasty, breakfast cereal-flavored Imperial Stout called “Ahoy Mateys.”

Ahoy Mateys Imperial Stout originated from a conversation between friends. Post’s Northfield Campbell Mill Operations Lead Brian Weiss is a longtime friend of Steve Pittman, master brewer and owner of Tanzenwald Brewing Company. “When Steve asked me for some cereal to infuse in a beer, I said no problem,” said Brian. He worked with Post to secure and donate about 48 bags of Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys to the brewery.

Tanzenwald Brewing Ahoy Mateys cereal beer keg tapping

With cereal in-hand, Steve created a craft Imperial Stout named Ahoy Mateys. Steve not only wanted the name to link back to the beer’s key ingredient, but also convey a friendly tone. “Ahoy is just an old maritime greeting, just like saying hello. So, Ahoy Mateys essentially means ‘hello, friends,'” said Steve.

Weiss, along with Plant Director Ben Bergstrom, Senior Manufacturing Manager Henry Albers, and other Post Northfield team members celebrated the keg tapping on Thursday, Jan. 27, at Tanzenwald Brewing Company. Chebby Villarreal, Operations Manager in Northfield, enjoyed the first glass of Malt-O-Meal-infused beer, with a marshmallow and chocolate cereal dust around the rim.

This donation and partnership is just one of many ways the Post Consumer Brands Northfield team engages with the community throughout the year. “This has been such a fun and exciting way to engage with and support a local business.

Post has been in the Northfield community for almost 100 years and we truly value community involvement and partnerships like this,” said Bergstrom. “Our team is amazed at how Tanzenwald Brewing Company was able to take the Malt-O-Meal Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys cereal we donated and turn it into a delicious beer! I also appreciate our Operations Lead Brian Weiss’s efforts to make this partnership happen.”

“Being a lifelong resident of Northfield and having worked at Post Consumer Brands for 30 years, I love to see when local businesses generate excitement for their products together. It makes me proud to work at Post and the Campbell Mill when I see our team engage in community projects like this. It’s my favorite thing to tell people when they ask about my job! Brian Weiss, one of our Operations Leads, really deserves the credit for making this happen,” Albers added.

Ahoy Mateys is available for a limited time in the tap room at Tanzenwald Brewing Company. You can also pick up a crowler (32-ounce can) or growler (64-ounce jug) of the Malt-O-Meal cereal-inspired beer. Learn more about the brewery here.