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StoryJanuary 16, 2023

New Post PEBBLES Crunch’d Cereals Amplify the Crunch

A bowl of FRUITY PEBBLES CRUNCH'D cereal on a table

The newest addition to the PEBBLES™ cereal family, PEBBLES Crunch’d cereal, turns the crunch meter ALL the way up – even with milk!

The snackable, crunchy rockstar shapes were created for PEBBLES fans who love the bold fruity and cocoa flavors of Cocoa and Fruity PEBBLES, but want more crunch, especially when paired with milk.

PEBBLES Crunch’d cereal comes in two memorable flavors: Fruity and Cocoa. Are you ready to tap into your inner rockstar and enjoy your favorite PEBBLES in a whole new way?

A top down view of boxes of FRUITY PEBBLES and COCOA PEBBLES CRUNCH'D. There are bowls of the cereals on the top left and bottom right.

Fruity PEBBLES Crunch’d cereal

Fruity PEBBLES Crunch'd box.

Fruity PEBBLES Crunch’d cereal is the same delicious fruity flavor of PEBBLES cereal but with extra crunch. Try it for breakfast in a bowl with milk, or rock out with the star-shaped pieces on the go for extra convenience.

Cocoa PEBBLES Crunch’d cereal

Cocoa PEBBLES Crunch'd box.

Cocoa PEBBLES Crunch’d cereal is as chocolatey and sweet as ever with super-crunchy pieces! Enjoy it with milk, without sacrificing the crunch you crave, or take it to-go as a tasty snack.

Discover all the delicious PEBBLES cereals. Find PEBBLES Crunch’d cereal at your local grocery store.

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