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StoryApril 5, 2022

Research and Development Teams Work to Create New Breakfast Cereals at Post Consumer Brands

Ellen, Product Development Scientist at Post Consumer Brands

As the home to more top 50 cereal brands than any other company, our research and product development teams channel innovation to bring new products and different types of packaging to consumers.

Keep reading to learn about how our team tests different ingredients and materials to achieve goals and how they strive to win, together.

Meet Ellen, Product Development Scientist

Ellen works to develop new products. “I am fortunate to be in a role that allows me to work with many talented people,” said Ellen. “Research and development is such an exciting place to be.”

One of the best parts of product development and research, according to Ellen, is hearing direct feedback from consumers about something you helped make. “It’s so rewarding to hear people say, ‘my kids love your cereal’.”

Learn more from Ellen about the research and development team in this video:

Meet Kellie, Packaging Engineer

As a packaging engineer for Post Consumer Brands and a key member of the cereal packaging process, Kellie focuses primarily on testing, validating and implementing new packaging materials and designs for both new and existing brands. Her team also works to evaluate and improve packaging sustainability.

“We own packaging specifications, so anytime we modify a design or packaging we work together,” said Kellie. By working together, the team also wins together, but it goes beyond accomplishing a goal or solving a problem. “It also means supporting each other by offering advice or sharing knowledge.” 

Hear more from Kellie about winning as a team, by watching this video:

If you have a passion for creating, innovating, and celebrating wins as a team, explore research and product development career opportunities with Post Consumer Brands.