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Prep Time 1 hr
Total Time 1 hr

Cinnamon Crunch Puppy Chow


People love puppy chow. It's a fact. And trust us when we say people are going to go head over heels for this Toasted Cinnamon Squares® spin on the classic.

Cinnamon Crunch Puppy Chow



  1. Pour cereal into large bowl.
  2. In a smaller, microwave-safe bowl, combine the chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter.
  3. Microwave for 1 minute, then stir until smooth. Microwave in additional 15-second increments if needed, stirring thoroughly after each.
  4. Stir in vanilla, then pour mixture over cereal. Mix until the cereal is well coated.
  5. Pour the coated cereal in a gallon-sized ziplock baggie, add the powdered sugar. Seal the bag and shake until cereal is well coated.
  6. Let cool, then serve.
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