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Marjorie Merriweather Post

October 3, 2023

Meet Marjorie Merriweather Post, heiress to the Postum Cereal Company

Marjorie Merriweather Post transformed the Postum Cereal Company into one of America’s largest food corporations in the early 1900s. Read about her pioneering business achievements.

Peter Pan peanut butter next to a PB&J sandwich

June 15, 2023

The Making of Peter Pan Peanut Butter: An Inside Look at the Peanut Butter Journey

Discover how Post Consumer Brands® produces Peter Pan® Peanut Butter, one of the world’s most beloved nut butter brands. Learn about our commitment to quality, sustainability and the fascinating journey from peanut farm to your pantry.

Several mascot logos for Post cereals like Puffins, Fruity PEBBLES and Golden Crisp.

March 17, 2023

A History of Post Cereal Mascots

Learn about a few beloved cereal characters that have appeared on Post® and Malt-O-Meal® packages throughout our 125+ year history.

A bowl of Grape-Nuts with raspberries.

November 8, 2022

15 Fun Facts About Breakfast Cereals You’ve Probably Never Heard

There’s a lot of interesting history behind your bowl of breakfast cereal. Check out these 15 cereal fun facts – from the invention of cereal to stories behind Post cereals and more!

Cocoa PEBBLES and Fruity PEBBLES cereal boxes from 1971 launch

March 29, 2021

How “The Flintstones” made PEBBLES™ cereal rock

Fifty years ago, the combination of a delicious product named after iconic TV characters that appealed to people of all ages made PEBBLES cereal an instant hit.

Old Malt O Meal cereal ad from Campbell Cereal Co.

December 6, 2019

Malt-O-Meal innovates with “Steamboat Bill” radio promotion

John Campbell, founder of Malt-O-Meal, became an early pioneer of radio, using his ingenuity to raise awareness of his new cereal.

An old commercial image of Honey Bunches of Oats

December 6, 2019

Honey Bunches of Oats®, the cereal that started with a smile

Our top-selling cereal brand exists today thanks to a long-time employee’s idea.