January 28, 2021

Post Waffle Crisp® cereal is back at select Walmart stores

Post Waffle Crisp Cereal Is Back In Stores

A nostalgic fan-favorite breakfast cereal is returning to shelves this month with a new twist. Formerly discontinued Waffle Crisp® cereal is returning at select Walmart stores, now in a 34 oz. resealable bag.

We heard you… Waffle Crisp cereal is back! With the same great taste you remember from your childhood, we hope you love the return of this 90s breakfast as much as we do. Starting in January 2021, we sent select cereal bloggers and influencers bags of Waffle Crisp. Now, you can buy Waffle Crisp at a select Walmart near you.

“Fans continued to show their appreciation for Waffle Crisp even after it was gone,” said Joe Woodward, senior associate brand manager at Post Consumer Brands, “so it only made sense to bring it back in a bigger and better bag!”

First launched in 1996, Waffle Crisp cereal brings the flavor and crunch of syrup and waffles to your breakfast bowl. It follows another fan-favorite that returned to shelves recently, Oreo® O’s cereal.

To learn more, visit: https://www.postconsumerbrands.com/wafflecrisp/.