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StoryJune 29, 2023

Keeping on the Sunny Side: Ensuring Your Dog Stays Cool and Comfortable During Summer

A dog near a window where the sun is shining.

Embrace the summer season while putting safety first and ensuring your dog stays cool, safe, and comfortable. Discover how to keep your dog cool this summer with these seven essential tips for your pooch when you’re out soaking in the sunshine and warm days this season.

1. No sunbathing necessary – dogs can’t absorb vitamin D.

While humans absorb vitamin D from sunbathing, dogs cannot. Instead, they rely on their diet for this essential nutrient. Rather than encouraging your pooch to join your sun-soaked lounging, ensure their diet is rich in vital nutrients and provide them with a shaded area to relax.

2. Keep them safe against harmful UV rays with protective clothing.

Dog fur provides limited protection against harmful UV rays, particularly for dogs with short, light-colored, or thin hair. To keep them safe and protected this summer, consider a light, UV-protective shirt or bodysuit for long days in the sun. Your dog will not only be safe but also quite the head-turner with their fashionable style.

3. Help block the heat.

Contrary to what you might think, a thick fur coat can be beneficial in the summer. It serves as insulation, keeping your dog cool by blocking out heat. It also offers some protection from UV rays. So, think twice before opting for a close shave, instead consider if – a trim or de-shedding session may be a better option for your summer loving pal.

4. Sunscreen is not always a dog’s best friend.

Many dog-recommended sunscreens contain zinc, which can harm dogs if ingested. Consult your vet for dog-friendly sunscreen options. Alternatively, a t-shirt or UV-protective suit can offer sun safety.

5. Keep them hydrated during summertime outings.

Hydration is crucial during hot summer days. Ensure your dog has constant access to clean water. Letting them splash in a kiddie pool or run through sprinklers is a great way for them to cool-off and of course is a fun activity if they’re a fan of water.

6. Provide lots of shade.

Making sure your dog has easy access to a shaded resting spot is essential during warm days, especially if they’re brachycephalic (dogs with short snouts), prone to overheating.

7. Beware of other heat hazards.

If the pavement is too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. Use padding over concrete or asphalt areas, opt for unpaved walking trails, or consider dog boots. Search for dog-friendly parks or outdoor areas that utilize natural elements versus concrete or asphalt when possible.

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