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StoryJune 19, 2023

Paws-itively Safe: Essential Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

Dog jumping in the air with a toy in its mouth.

Celebrate the summer season with your dog while keeping their safety top of mind. From protecting your dog from summer heat to pests, we compiled essential dog summer safety tips for keeping your furry co-pilot safe during all your summertime adventures – from the hiking trail to the beach.

Wilderness Wanderings

For adventure-loving dogs, the great outdoors is a playground. Here are a few tips for your next outdoorsy adventure:

  1. Protect your dog from pests. Be sure to protect them against pests like ticks and mosquitoes, known to carry diseases including Lyme and heartworm, with pet-safe insect repellants and keeping up-to-date on their heartworm medication.
  2. Avoid letting your dog drink from natural bodies of water that could harbor parasites. Pack plenty of fresh, clean water and a handy collapsible water dish for them to keep them protected and hydrated.
  3. Dress your dog in protective gear. Depending on the terrain to help protect against any wilderness mishaps and hot pavements and surfaces, have your dog wear a safety harness and dog booties. Keep your dog tethered to ensure safety.

Beachy Bliss

Just like us humans, many dogs can’t get enough of the beach! Follow these tips to protect your dog during your next beach trip:

  1. Keep an eye out for debris. Keep your pet safe by scanning the area for potentially harmful debris, like broken bottles or shells.
  2. Watch for sea wildlife. From jellyfish to crabs and beyond, stay alert for sea creatures that could harm your dog.
  3. Consider a doggie life vest. Even if your dog is a seasoned swimmer, a dog-friendly life vest is worth the investment! Choppy waters can make swimming more difficult. Not to mention, a bright-colored vest will make it easier for boaters to spot your pet.
  4. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Yes, dogs should wear sunscreen, too! Remember to protect them from the sun with dog-friendly sunscreen and seek out shaded rest areas to prevent overheating or bring along an umbrella or shade screen.

Road-Trip Rendezvous

Having your furry best friend by your side makes a road trip even more exciting! Ensure your pup’s safety during road trips with these tips:

  1. Use a car safety harness. Ensure the harness is buckled into the seat or a secure crate with enough room to move.
  2. Don’t let your dog stick their head out the window. Despite their love for it, never let your dog hang their head out of a moving vehicle’s window.
  3. Never leave dogs alone in a parked car. This is especially true during the summer, as temperatures can quickly rise to dangerous levels. Always ensure your car’s air conditioning is working ahead of your travel.
  4. Take breaks. Plan ahead to find dog-friendly stops such as parks and patio restaurants and pet-friendly motels or doggie daycares.

By keeping these summer pet safety tips in mind, you and your dog are ready to embark on memorable summer adventures. Enjoy summer time and remember that Post Consumer Brands pet food brands are also ready to bring along on any adventure year-round!