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StoryFebruary 1, 2024

CHIPS AHOY! Cereal is Back for a Limited Time

A box of CHIPS AHOY! cereal

Post CHIPS AHOY!® cereal is what breakfast dreams are made of.

Delivering the classic CHIPS AHOY! chocolate chip cookie taste in a bowl, this beloved family favorite is back on store shelves for a limited time only.

Start your day off by serving CHIPS AHOY! cereal with milk for a cereal celebration right at the breakfast table or enjoy straight out of the box as a fun snack, anytime of day.

Crispy on the outside with chunky chocolate chips on the inside, this cereal aims to delight chocolate chip cookie lovers of all ages.

If you’re a chocolate fan don’t miss the opportunity to pick up a 17 oz box at a retailer near you before they’re gone!