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StoryJuly 1, 2024

What is the Fourth of July like as a Cat?


Morris the Cat

Morris the 9Lives Cat shares his thoughts on the 4th of July.

The Fourth of July experience is kind of a mixed bag for me, to tell the truth. After running for president multiple times throughout the years, I love to celebrate America’s independence, but I still don’t understand why you humans choose to celebrate everything with loud explosions. I mean, is that really your idea of a good time? You can count me out. Or count me under the bed at the very least. 

That said, as patriotic as I am, there’s lots to love about America’s birthday. For me, the Fourth of July is all about the four F’s: family, food, fun and freedom. 


Let me tell you a secret: most felines are introverts. You probably couldn’t tell, but underneath all this outgoing charm, my idea of a good time is plenty of alone time to curl up and nap or groom my fur or ponder the deep mysteries of the universe. But even introverts like company from time to time, especially when that company brings chin scratches and tummy rubs. It’s great the way my human family gathers for the Fourth. I can go from person to person for plenty of petting and attention. The best part is that the day eventually takes everyone outdoors, so I can get my fill and have the house all to myself for some peace and quiet. 


Fourth of July is for indulging, and I don’t bat a cat-eye at taking advantage. While my humans are diving their hands into bowls of potato salad and potato chips (what is it about them and potatoes?), I get to try different flavors of treats, as well as a tasty serving of my beloved 9 Lives™ Meaty Pate Super Supper Wet Cat Food.


You might think that after filling my belly I’d be ready for another nap, but by this point someone has usually set up the bean bag toss and started throwing the bags. This is one of the scintillating events of the year as far as window entertainment goes. I will never understand why you humans play such silly games instead of basking in the sun.


I’m glad that humans have the freedom to celebrate America’s birthday in their own way, even if that way sets my fur on edge. As a cat, it’s important to me to be able to freely exercise my independent nature. I’m happy to live in a place where the humans I care about can exercise their independence, too. 

If you’re looking for me on the Fourth, you’ll probably want to look under the bed, but rest assured, I do enjoy the excuse to celebrate independence, especially if that means extra tummy rubs.

While my preferred spot is safe and sound inside, I recommend that all my cat and dog friends get microchipped and registered with up-to-date information on their collar ahead of this year’s celebration, just in case they have a less secure hiding spot. Learn more about how to keep your pet safe on July 4th and have a happy holiday!