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StoryAugust 1, 2023

Summertime Fun: Make Parties More Cat-Friendly with these Four Tips

An orange cat standing in front of a white counter top.

Summer is here, and we all love the joy of the season’s social gatherings. At Post Consumer Brands, we understand the importance of keeping cats happy and comfortable during summertime parties. Not all cats are party animals, so let’s review these four tips to make these occasions are a joy for all, including our feline friends.

1. Allow your cat to be the star on their terms

We know that many cats love being the center of attention. That’s what makes them unique, right? However, cats aren’t fans of boisterous entrances. They prefer to join the party when they feel comfortable. Respect this by letting them make their own grand entrance which will allow for a joyful atmosphere for both your guests and feline friends.

2. Create a relaxing haven just for your cat

We’ve all been there – sometimes, even we need a break from the party. Your cat is no different. As the party host, prepare a quiet, cozy retreat for your cat equipped with their favorite toys, a litter box, and a comfortable bed that only your cat will have access to.

To further enhance this serene atmosphere, consider using a synthetic cat pheromone diffuser or spray. This personal space will help your cat feel comfortable throughout the party.

3. Recognize the stress party preparations might cause

The hustle and bustle of party preparations can be overwhelming for your furry friend. The movement of furniture, influx of people, and changing home landscape can be quite a lot to handle. When possible, encourage your cat to relocate to a calmer part of the house where they can relax and groom themselves in peace.

4. Teach your guests the ABC’s of cat-party etiquette

It’s crucial to ensure your cat’s safety during parties. Sometimes, well-meaning guests may offer your cat food from their plates, not realizing some human foods can be harmful to cats.

For the safety of your feline friend, kindly educate your guests about safe and unsafe cat foods. You can even provide dishes of cat treats so your guests can share in the joy of spoiling your cat.

Remember, your cat is an important member of your family, and their comfort is key. Afterall, they will be in the home long after your party guests have departed. By treating them like the honored guest they are and planning with their needs in mind, we can work towards ensuring party purr-fection for all involved.

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