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StoryAugust 31, 2023

Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated with Indoor Enrichment Activities

A dog looks a treat in the hand of their owners.

Can’t get outside due to weather? Check out these six enrichment activities to keep your dog entertained indoors. While physical activity is crucial for dogs, challenges that work their brains can also mentally stimulate and effectively tucker out energetic pups on rainy days.

1. Teach New Tricks for Mental Exercise

Focus your dog’s brain by teaching new commands or fun tricks like “shake” or “roll over.” You can also find obedience training classes in your area. They can stimulate their mind through learning and provide good opportunities for socialization. You can practice what you and your dog learn during class inside the comfort of your own home during rainy days.

2. Add Games and Toys to Mealtime

Consider making mealtime a bit more fun (and challenging!). A game of “find it” can keep your dog occupied while you get things crossed off your to-do list. Take bits of food or their treats and place them in various places around the house for your dog to sniff out. Start with smellier treats while they get the hang of it and the “find it” command. Then, make the game more challenging with regular food kibbles or biscuits that aren’t as strongly scented.

You can also utilize food puzzle toys or snuffle mats that will provide dogs with mental challenges as they work to get the kibble or treats out.

3. Treadmills & Stair Climbing

If you have a treadmill in your home, consider teaching your dog how to use it. You always want to Put Safety First when teaching your dog something new. Start on the lowest speed setting until your dog gets the hang of the moving surface. Gradually increase the speed once they’re comfortable. They can spend time walking or even trotting.

If your dog is afraid of treadmills but you have stairs, climbing up and down can be another great form of exercise. Toss a toy down the steps and have your dog retrieve it for you while you wait at the top. They’ll be tuckered out in no time. Beware of any potential slipping or tripping hazards.

4. Hide & Seek

Who doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek? Have your dog stay in place while you find somewhere to hide in another room, like behind a door or piece of furniture where they can still get to you. Then, call for them and see how long it takes for them to sniff you out. Be sure to celebrate when they find you, by using an excited voice and giving your dog plenty of pets or a high-value treat when they find you.

5. Obstacle Courses

Give your dog a challenge while exercising, even indoors. It will help them work up a mental sweat, too. Your obstacle course doesn’t have to be complicated—simply use a collapsible cloth tunnel that can easily be stored away when playtime is done. Toss a tennis ball or other favorite toy from one entrance to the other end, encouraging your dog to chase through it. If they aren’t too sure about the tunnel at first, crawl through yourself (if it’s big enough) to show them how much fun it is. They’ll be running and crawling through it in no time!

6. Check Out Indoor Dog Parks

Does your social pup love play with other dogs? Many indoor dog parks offer a safe way for pups to play and socialize out of the elements. Indoor play keeps your dog active and engaged. Be sure to bring extra toys to keep them busy and burn off plenty of energy before the drive home.

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