Packaging of Mom's Best Honey Grahams

Mom’s Best CerealsHoney Grahams®

It’s like tiny graham crackers in a bowl. Because regular graham crackers in a bowl is ridiculous. And they wouldn’t stay crunchy like these do.

Free of artificial flavors. No hydrogenated oils.

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Mom’s Best CerealsHoney Grahams®

Nutrition info for Mom's Best Honey Grahams


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Product formulations may change. For current nutrition facts and ingredient line information check product packaging.

fun, great-tasting cereals with nothing but honest-to-goodness ingredients.

Did You Know?Mom’s Best Cereals Honey Grahams® has:

  • Has 8g of whole grain per serving*
  • Is made with real honey and whole grain wheat
  • Is a cholesterol free food
  • Has 0g trans fat per serving

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