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PEBBLES™ Snowman Craft



  • Select a colored piece of paper of your choice.
  • Pour Marshmallow Fruity PEBBBLES™ cereal into a bowl.
  • Pick out marshmallow pieces from bowl. Place marshmallows on paper in three large circles that are connected. The top circle being the smallest and the bottom circle being the largest.
  • Apply glue stick to paper underneath the marshmallow pieces, gently press down to ensure they stick.
  • Select a few pieces of PEBBLES™ cereal for the eyes, smile, button and arms. Repeat with glue stick to ensure they stick.
  • Decorate the remainder of paper as you wish using PEBBLES™ pieces and marshmallows. Let dry for 5-10 mins.
  • Pick up piece of paper and gently shake off remaining PEBBLES™ pieces.
  • Display on your fridge or gift to a family member!