Churr-O’s SpOokY Dipped Marshmallows

Create Churr-O’s SpOokey Dipped Marshmallows for a Halloween treat that’s dangerously delicious. Beware – these monsters are hard to resist!


Create your own delicious monsters with these items:

  • Malt-O-Meal Churr-O’s
  • Marshmallows Skewers/Lollipop Sticks
  • Icing Candy Melts
  • Food Dye


Place marshmallows on skewers or lollipop sticks. Dip them in microwaved candy melts and decorate with Malt-O-Meal Churr-Os, Icing, and more! Boo!

Churr-O’s SpOokY Dipped Marshmallows Recipe
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