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Cereal Box Jet Pack

This craft’s a blast (off)!!


  • 1 Pebbles cereal box (the 11-ounce box works great, but feel free to improvise)

  • 2 toilet paper tubes

  • Silver duct tape

  • Aluminum foil (12” width or wider)

  • Orange or red tissue paper or paper streamers

  • Construction paper

  • Grossgrain, velvet, or satin ribbon (at least 1.5” wide)

  • Markers

  • Scissors

  • Glue


1. Wrap the box in tin foil so that the foil seam is on the back of the jet pack. Secure it with duct tape. If you use the 12” width, you won’t cover the top and bottom of the box entirely. That’s okay!

jetpack instructions

2. Measure and cut the ribbons so that they are long enough that you can get the jetpack on and off easily, like a backpack.

3. Using small pieces of duct tape, attach the ribbons to the top and bottom of the cereal box so that they run along the back side of the box.

4. Cover the top and bottom of the box with more duct tape. You may want to add an extra layer near the ribbons so they are secure.

jetpack instructions

5. Wrap the toilet paper tubes in duct tape.

6. Cut 4 slits (approximately 1” long) evenly around one end of each tube. Press back the pieces made by the slits. The top of each tube will look kind of like a flower.

7. Using the duct tape, attach the “flower” end of each tube onto the bottom of the box to create the jets.

jetpack instructions

8. Cut up strips of tissue paper or paper streamers and glue them into the inside of the toilet paper rolls to make flames.

jetpack instructions

9. Using construction paper, markers, and glue (or whatever craft materials you have at the ready), make control buttons and other decorations for the front of your jet pack.

jetpack instructions

Blast off!

Cereal Box Jet Pack Craft
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