April 24, 2019

It’s not a dream, it’s cereal

“Am I dreaming?”

Consumers everywhere are asking that question while they enjoy spoonfuls of new Post® Dream Cereals.

In 2017, we relaunched OREO® O’s due to popular demand. The highly anticipated sweet return of OREO® O’s cereal was just the beginning.

Since then, Post has pushed the limits of cereal innovation and turned even more of your favorites into breakfast. SOUR PATCH KIDS®, NUTTER BUTTER®, HONEY MAID®, NILLA®, GOLDEN OREO® O’s and CHIPS AHOY!® All your favorites are here.

These cereals are part of Post’s bigger goal to introduce delicious and nostalgic cereals that consumers will love. “We are looking to bring a lot of excitement to the category,” said Roxanne Bernstein, Chief Marketing Officer at Post Consumer Brands, in an interview with FoodDive.

The Post® Dream Cereals campaign was born from the idea that these cereals are too good to be true. Lucky for you it’s not a dream, it’s the real deal. Watch our new video series below featuring Post® Dream Cereals that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Wake up to the stuff breakfast dreams are made of. Find these cereals at your local retailer today.

OREO® O’s – You’re Next

NUTTER BUTTER® – Nightmare

HONEY MAID® S’Mores – Lobster Claws

OREO, HONEY MAID, NILLA, NUTTER BUTTER, CHIPS AHOY! and SOUR PATCH KIDS are trademarks of Mondelēz International group, used under license.