August 16, 2022

Four High-Protein Snack Recipes to Energize Back to School Season

Post high protein cereals in bowls with fruit and juice

Fall is right around the corner, which means a return to early morning carpools, late night study sessions, and countless other schoolyear activities. Pack your backpack with these tasty high-protein breakfast and snack recipes – giving you the energy you’ll need to jump from gymnastics practice to the library and back.

During your next back-to-school shopping trips, consider adding a few delicious, protein and whole grain-filled cereals to your shopping list. Not only are they a delicious breakfast, they’re also the secret ingredient to quick and wholesome snack recipes!

Fan-favorite Post cereals, like Malt-O-Meal® Crispy Rice cereal, Post Premier Protein® Mixed Berry Almond cereal, and Great Grains® Raisins, Dates & Pecans™ cereal are staples in these quick and easy protein-packed snack recipes.

From protein to whole grains, these cereal-centric recipes pack the energy you’ll need to take on the day, and the next, and the next.

1. Mixed Berry Protein Cookies

Mixed Berry Protein Cookies recipe made with Premier Protein cereal

Mixed Berry Protein Cookies are a healthy, high-protein treat for all the cookie lovers out there made with Premier Protein cereal. One quick batch can last you all week, with tasty cookies ready to grab on your way out the door. If you’re a chocolate lover, you can swap Premier Protein Mixed Berry Almond cereal for Premier Protein Chocolate Almond Cereal! Find the recipe here.

2. Coconut Crispy Peanut Butter Energy Bites

Coconut energy bites made with Malt-O-Meal cereal

Wake up and take on the school day with the delicious taste of these no-bake coconut peanut butter energy balls, made with Post cereal staples Better Oats® Organic Quick Oats and Malt-O-Meal cereal. They’re easy to make and can be enjoyed throughout your week as an energizing breakfast or a midday pick-me-up! Learn how to make it here.

3. Great Grains Granola Bars

Great Grains granola bars recipe

These no-bake homemade breakfast bars are made with Great Grains cereal and peanut butter and are perfect for the always-on-the-go student in need of an energy boost. They’re easy to make and delicious breakfast or snack! Try the recipe.

4. Mixed Berry Protein Parfaits

Mixed berry protein parfaits recipe

Mixed Berry Protein Parfaits are an easy and nutritious way to start your day. Follow the quick recipe below for a power-packed breakfast that tastes just like dessert! But unlike some other desserts, this one comes with extra protein. Make this recipe today.

At Post Consumer Brands, we make a variety of delicious cereals and snacks to help power your busy school year ahead. Learn more about the nutritional information and production processes for our most popular product, cereal!

Is high-protein not motivating enough? You can also feel good about the products your baking and cooking with, because we’re working hard at Post to responsibly source the ingredients for your favorite cereals.