January 30, 2020

Uncovering new ways to discover cereal at the Consumer Electronics Show

We’re constantly innovating new and exciting ways to engage consumers around the breakfast table. Post Consumer Brands’ marketing, innovation and insights leaders Jaime, Audra and Ananta recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to discover the technology trends driving consumer decisions.

You might not think consumer electronics have much in common with cereal, but our team’s top five takeaways reveal that tech trends drive our innovation.


From screens in appliances to smart vehicles, consumers now have the opportunity to shop almost every moment of their day. With increased opportunity to discover cereal, we’re providing ultra-relevant moments to grab your favorite cereal wherever and whenever you shop.


Technology is getting better at anticipating our next move. A future pantry might remind you when you’re low on cereal – or just order more of your favorite automatically. The e-commerce team at Post is discovering new ways to make your favorite cereals available exactly when you want them.


Brands are moving beyond visual and developing unique audio identities. The way consumers interact with brands and tech is becoming increasingly voice-oriented. Post marketers are expanding our brands’ audio characteristics, so keep an eye — or an ear — out for more ways to interact with your favorite cereal.


Consumers are looking for simple solutions to their everyday problems. That’s why our everyday mission is to make better happen. It’s simple: When we make better happen, families get a better choice to choose what they love. Retailers get a fresh chance to grow. We succeed as a company. The communities around us are better off.

Photo credit: CES®